mtf.white 1.3 nefertiti

Saw this beautiful piece of art from over 3.3 k years. For sure thingiverse already had few versions of it so i downloaded files and went for it.

this was also thin wall first calibration run so i dont mind some imperfections, mtf.white recently got 1.3 mechanical upgrade so speed is still testish…

This was printed at 50% size since it is huge, i think xl will be able to pull it off in 1/1 but we shall see about that. Here is meta.frame white in action.

Whole print considering speed and early machine status took nice 6 hours, some problems were caused by me not checking how thin these walls really are so with minor tweeks i think we can do this much better.

Here is final product front

mtf white 1.3 nefertiti front
mtf white 1.3 nefertiti front

also side view

mtf.w 1.3 nefertiti side
mtf.wwhite 1.3 nefertiti side

So, what needs to be changed? A bit more on extrusion ratio, bit lover temperature and higher speed will probably do the trick.

next time remember than when printing 0.4 nozzle always check your wall thickness.