mtf.white 1.3 nefertiti

Saw this beautiful piece of art from over 3.3 k years. For sure thingiverse already had few versions of it so i downloaded files and went for it. this was also thin wall first calibration run so i dont mind some imperfections, mtf.white recently got 1.3 mechanical upgrade so speed is still testish… This was printed at […]

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mtf.white 1.3 upgrade

My meta.frame.white has reached version 1.3 and has just got: sliders (slider2.0-xl1.8) carriages(carriage1.0) actuator(actuator1.5-xl1.3) combo extruder(extruder1.8-xl1.5) These are all confirmed natural evolution from previous versions. Currently this model we call white is in version 1.3. easy switch fast all material 24 cm print surface delta 3d printer with all plastic and aluminium frame movement is […]

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mtf.white 1.2 fat extrusion

Another mtf experiment, my reasoning was: how would it look like if instead of trying ever thinner and finer printing i try another way? Said, done! I found one nozzle that always used to clog, one dremel 2.6 mm diameter drill bit and combined the three. Drill, drill bit and old nozzle allowed for extremely […]

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mtf.xl 1.5 ceramic voyages

Testing ceramics hot end segment to avoid usage of ptfe tubes inside of heat sink above heater. Unfortunately it turned out that even at low 185ºC extrusion temperatures pla tends to stick to it for some reason, like it enjoys the contact with ceramics. It managed to work a bit but not very reliable, tested […]

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thermoplastic wars!

Two main material selections when dealing with everyday 3d printing using layer deposition technique are shorthand ABS and PLA. Broadly speaking both materials are thermoplastic but in essence are completely different beasts. Polylactic acid or polylactide (PLA, Poly) Biodegradable thermoplastic aliphatic polyester derived from renewable resources, such as corn starch, tapioca roots, chips or starch, […]

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